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Chabad of Bethesda is ready to provide everything you need to celebrate the 'Holiday of Our Freedom'...

Passover Community Seder | Shmurah Matzah | Sale of Chametz Form
Bedikat Chametz Kits | Seudat Moshiach

Passover Community Seder
Open to the entire community!!
B'zchut Adel Bas Avrohom HaCohen


A wonderful friendly atmosphere and inspiring discussion of the Hagadah. Discuss the traditional understandings and share with us your own insights. The Seder spirit here along with the delicious Passover dinner is always a big hit and the friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome!

Come join us for the 1st Seder!

Time:Seder Table
Fri, April 19th @ 7:30pm

5324 Goldsboro Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Cost (per Seder):
$45 Adults, $20 Children

RSVP Required
RSVP soon to guarantee your seat

Click here to RSVP online
or call (301) 913-9777

Shmurah Matzah
Keep the tradition going round!!

Matzah plays a central role on the Holiday of Passover and goes by many names. 'Bread of Faith', 'Bread of Affliction', 'Bread of Healing'... It reminds us of our humble origins and about the unique and powerful relationship we share with G‑d.

Matzah OvenThis year use the original stuff!
Order your authentic, hand-baked
Shmurah Matzah, nothing that you
will bring to the Seder table will
stimulate the discussion more...

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Selling of The Chametz
Mechirat Chametz

Torah mandates us to get rid of all Chametz that is within our possesion. Any Chametz we would like to hold on to for after the Holiday must be sold temporarily to a non-Jew in complex legally-binding transaction.

Rabbi Sender Geisinsky of ChabadBreads Chometz.jpg
will be available to act as proxy on
your behalf to successfully execute
this transaction.

Click here for the online form
Please fill it out the form & send it in
before April 16th to ensure the timely
processing of your sale.

Bedikat Chametz Kits
Searching For The Chamtez

Thursday Night, April 18th is the night before Pesach. On this night one must search their home for the any Chametz that maybe hidden away. Any cmatez found is collected and stored until the following morning when it is burned. Traditionally, one performs this search by placing 10 peices of bread around the house and then 'searches' for them using a candle, wooden spoon, feather and paper bag.

Breads Chometz.jpgFor your convenience, Chabad of Bethesda
will be selling kits that facilitate this
tradition. Each kits includes: a candle,
feather, wooden spoon, and paper bag

$3.00 Kit - Supplies are limited.
Call now to reserve: (301) 913-9777