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4 Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00 P.M.
Oct. 27 - Nov. 17, 2020


Chabad of Bethesda
5324 Goldsboro Rd, Bethesda, MD



Course Overview

One of the most fundamental ideas in Judaism and in life in general is that the world is on a trajectory. Each day and each deed brings as closer to the purpose of Creation itself, the realization of the full potential of everything that G‑d has created. This great goal is known as 'The Times of Mashiach' and has been the focus of every Jewish prophet and many of our prayers.
But how much do we really know about it? 
This fascinating JLI series brings much needed knowledge and comprehension to a foundational but not well understood principle of Jewish Faith. Most importantly, it helps us identify the role we each uniquely play in this universal effort.

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1

The Purpose of Exile

Can the Diaspora Be a Good Thing?
For most of our history, we have been in exile. Why, what is its purpose, and why for so long? The answer we discover has multiple layers. On the surface, our exile atones for our sins, but on a deeper level, we are on an epic global journey to prepare the world for its ultimate purpose, the messianic age.


Lesson 2

Redemption: Its Centrality to Judaism

Can We Thrive in Exile?
If Judaism has survived in the Diaspora for thousands of years, why do we need Mashiach, and why is it foundational to Judaism? This lesson will demonstrate that Diaspora Judaism is a mere glimmer of what Judaism is meant to be and that Judaism will only thrive and realize its full potential in the messianic era.


Lesson 3

The Process That Makes Mashiach Happen

One Small Act Can Make a Global Difference
If we want to make Mashiach happen, we need to know what Mashiach is about, and then we can reverse-engineer the steps to make it happen. In this lesson, we will present a map that will lead us directly to the doorstep of Mashiach.


Lesson 4

The Obligation to Await and Anticipate the Redemption

Why Believing Isn’t Enough
In this class, we will learn that if we truly believe in Mashiach, we will anxiously await his arrival. Not only await, but beg, plead, and even demand that G‑d hasten his coming. This anticipation grows progressively stronger, as the long-awaited Redemption draws near.