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Everyone is always looking for that good investment, a sure thing with a wonderful return. The best investment is not on wall street or in any silicon valley company, it's right here!

An investment you make in helping build the new Chabad Jewish Center of Bethesda is one you know will be paying incredible dividends far into the future. There is othing more important than our Jewish tomorrow and there is no organization in Bethesda that can be counted on to guarantee that this tomorrow willl be a bright one like Chabad of Bethesda.

Please strongly consider investing in this promise so that one day, you will be able to hold the hand of your grandchild, point at the thriving center of  Jewish Life here in Bethesda and tell them proudly, "I helped build that!"


Dedication Opportunities

• Building Dedication  
 Early Childcare Center   
 Main Sanctuary  
 Meditation Garden   

 Event Porch
 Classrooms x2  
Aron Kodesh 
  Landscaping 2  

Gold Plaque
Silver Plaque 
 Donor Tile
Donor List 
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