Ages & Divisions

PLEASE NOTE: For Summer 2022, we are opening only our Kiddie Camp Division, our full program will resume in the coming summers

Our summer programs are tailored to be age appropriate and flexible to serve the needs of each child. As they get older, children “graduate” to a higher division, where they encounter new adventures, excitement, and challenges, all built on the CGI hallmarks of safety, fun, and unconditional love. 

  2 years - 5 years

The specialized curriculum and staff provide all the love, nurturing, play, and development your child needs to grow. From outdoor activities, art, and music,help expand your childs horizons.
  6 years - 8 years 

Our jam-packed schedule of team sports, activities, crafts, swimming, twice-weekly trips and themed programs has children excited and on-their-toes all summer long!

9 years - 11 years 

A specialized program and schedule, targeted for older campers. Trips and activities are geared to stimulate and enhance feelings of teamwork and love for their heritage.