Camp Gan Israel Bethesda is part of the worlds largest network of Jewish day camps. We combine the latest innovations in summer camping along with good ole' fashion love and friendship to create an experience your child will remember for a lifetime. Our unique ability to exchange fresh ideas through our network of over 350 branches world wide makes Gan Israel a truly unmatched program and a legend in its time. 

Gan Israel Campers enjoy a wide range of exciting activities, such as: swimming (free swim and instructional), variety of favorite sports, and amazing field trips. We also offer a colorful choice of 'Funshops' that include: Professional Woodworking, Auto Mechanics, Junior Chef, Dancing & Drama. But most important is the 'Gan Izzy' atmosphere which is permeated with warmth, spirit, and wholesome Jewish pride.

The camp is directed by the next generation of Geisinskys, Rabbi Sender and Nechamie Geisinsky, both are experienced educators known for their professionalism and special gift to motivate, excite, and connect with children. You will find our counselors to be dynamic with lots of warmth and a strong interest to care for each child as an individual. 


More About Our Camp 
No one puts more care into the care of your child

Gan Israel is much more than a physical break from the school routine and winter weather. It’s a comprehensive program designed to strengthen the body and spirit. It provides your child with a rich and wholesome summer vacation of fun and excitement along with friendship and meaningful cultural experiences.

The real secret to our success lies in our exceptional staff. Gan Israel staff are mature dedicated counselors who are individually chosen for their experience in youth leadership. We carefully research and verify the reputation of each staff member to determine their level of responsibility and commitment. Our criteria is that our staff be able to connect and care for each child as an individual. Many of our counselors are flown in from around the country in our pursuit to fill our staff positions with enthusiastic youth leaders that have pristine and, outstanding reputations. Your child/ren will develop lasting friendships and social skills in our happy wholesome environment and bond with our staff who are truly exceptional. References are available, call our office.

Heritage and Culture
Gan Israel campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and a love for the land of Israel. Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities, stories, songs, games and contests, which are part of the unique Gan Israel experience. Combined with group discussions and educational programs, these events bring to life the beauty and values of our tradition. At camp Gan Israel we take special pride in our American culture and history. Activities and crafts help highlight days of special significance, such as July 4th.

Gan Israel Bethesda has opted for a multiplex program which provides each camper a chance to play or do what they enjoy most. Our spacious grounds and indoor facility allows us to present each activity in a big way. Non of our activities have been shrunk or compromised, we just switch around and do a lot more stuff. We believe summer camp was is first and foremost meant to be simply fun, not vacation time spent on rigorous training of a single sport or subject. Our weekly schedule is enhanced with activities like carnivals, dress-up days, overnights, color war, hiking, bunk competition, Shabbat parties, Challah baking, and .. oh... so much more.

Special Crafts and Funshops
Under the direction of our experienced instructors, campers will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of creative Funshops. Each child has the option to choose from a list of Funshops and sign-up for the Funshop club of their choice. Funshops clubs will include: Professional Woodworking, Auto Mechanics, Junior Chef, Dancing & Drama, Jewelry Making. These Funshops will not only provide campers with fun time and respite from sports but also give them an opportunity to develop their creative skills.

Trips On The Go

Gan Israel’s “Trip Days” are twice a week and are a legendary part of program. Excursions to many local attractions as well as our Grand Trips (two per summer) more then satisfy the innate excitement of children to explore new places and experience adventure. All our trips are traveled with the utmost safety and supervision in mind.