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Perpetuate the memory of your 'loved-one' who passed-on and is now at rest in Heaven. Inscribe their name and the date of their Yahrtzeit on this memorial board alongside the names of people who lived their lives in the noblest way.

This board is dedicated to our co-director, Mrs. Zlata Geisinsky Z"L, a true אשת חיל - Woman of Valor. Her untimely passing at age 49 left countless hearts broken on a very personal level. She was a wise mentor and dedicated friend to countless people. Zlata Z"L was a rare person who possesed virtually every quality but used them all for the betterment of others and so little for herself.

The board is also dedicated to the Chabad Shluchim to Mumbai, India, Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg Hy"d. Their young vibrant lives were brutally cut short when they were targeted and murdered by terrorist for directing a Jewish Center. The kindness and devotion which Gavi and Rivki showed  each Jew that they encountered was legendary.  Their ultimate sacrifice shall forever remain a sacred record of Jewish heroism and a dark page in human history. 

We could not think of a more appropriate memorial board on which you would wish to inscribe your dearly departed loved-one. To have a yahrtzeit plaque for your loved-one apper alongside such selfless servants of Hashem (G‑d) is indeed an honor and blessing to any soul.

Please complete the form below if you wish to have the memory of a dearly departed relative eternalized by inscribing their name on this very special board (on a brass plaque). We will fulfill your request in just a few days. A bulb will burn adjacent to the plaque on the Yahrtzeit plus during all holidays when Yizkor is recited.

A onetime donation of $360 to Chabad BCC is required for each brass plaque. Only one person can be listed on a single plaque.

Thank you.


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Type the exact spelling of how you would you like the English name of the deceased to appear on the plaque. Also include the family name you wish to appear on the plaque: (e.g. Joseph Schwartz or Joe Schwartz or Joey Schwartz).


Please note: You alone are responsible for the spelling accuracy of the English name. 

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