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Chabad of Bethesda  Community  Israel  Experience


Friday, April 28 - Sunday, May 7, 2017

For the incredible price of $2900

(Price is for double occupancy and does not include airfare, we are working with a travel agent to offer tickets at a uniquely discounted price, details to follow) 


We will be flying out of Washington DC on Thursday, April 27 and we will be arriving back in Washington DC on late Sunday night, May 7 or early Monday morning, May 8.


Itinerary Subject to Change Based on Group and Timing | Maximum tour group size: 25 travelers 


 Friday, April 28th


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VIP Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport
After landing, a Shalom Israel Tours representative will be waiting to welcome us as we exit the plane. Our party will be transported in a private vehicle to the flight staff passport control, continue to luggage identification and transfer to our luxury chauffeured vehicle.

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Journey into Tzefat - Walking tour of Artist's Quarter
We will travel to the beautiful North of Israel and the mystical city of Tzefat. Arrive at the hotel and refresh from the journey. A walking tour of the colorful Artist's Quarter, home to incredible blend of the spiritual and the creative.
(Opportunity for men to visit the fabled Mikvah of the Arizal)

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Welcoming Shabbat Where It All Began
Guaranteed to be one of the most spiritually moving of your lives. We will welcome the Shabbat with passionate song as we recite the powerful Kabbalat Shabbat in the famous Orchard where it was originally composed by the great mystic Rabbi Isaac Luria (Arizal) as he gathering his students to watch the sun set over the Galileen Hills and greet the Shabbat Queen 

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Shabbat Dinner & Overnight: The Ruth Rimonim Hotel, Tzefat
A delicious Shabbat Dinner filled with spirit and song. Special greeting by Rabbi Mordechai Siev of the Ascent Institute of Tzefat. 

Shabbat April 29th


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Shabbat Morning at Ascent Institute of Tzefat
After breakfast we’ll head over to the incredible institute of study in this mystical city - Ascent of Tzefat. A short class on Chasidic study and then the Shabbat prayer services. Followed by a Shabbat Lunch and greeting from R' Leiter


Leisurely Shabbat Stroll Through The Old City
After the meal, those who'd like can join as we explore the colorful lanes and passageways of Tzefat’s Old City. Radiating enchantment from every corner we will visit the places where the mystics of Tzefat lived and worked, and become familiar with the unique secrets of this very special city.


Havadalah Concert and BBQ Dinner
Special musical Havdalah ceremony and concert ushering out our 1st Shabbat in the Holy Land 


Overnight: The Ruth Rimonim Hotel, Tzefat

Sunday, April 30th

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Morning Services & Learning at Ascent
Lecturer: R' Leiter - Chasidism Scholar at Ascent

Subject: The mystical teachings of the Arizal  


Holy Sites of Tzefat
Visit the most famous Jewish Cemetery in the world. Final resting place of the Arizal, R' Yosef Caro - author of the Code of Jewish Law, R' Shlomo Alkabetz - composer of the Lecha Dodi, among many other greats 


VIP Access to Meron
Address by R’ Mordechai Kaplan - Chief Rabbi of Tzefat and then exclusive access to Mount Meron and the final resting place of the famous Talmudic figure R' Shimon Bar Yochai of Lag B'Omer fame.


Overnight: The Ruth Rimonim Hotel, Tzefat

  Monday, May 1st


 Ascent Building.jpg

Morning Services & Learning at Ascent
Lecturer: R' Mordechai Siev - Educational Director at Ascent

Subject: The life and teachings of the Rambam (Miamonides)

 tiberias & galilee.jpg

Tiberias & the Sea of Galilee
This holy city was founded in the first century and is located on the shores of Israel’s main source of fresh water, the sea of Galilee. Walk along the Sea of Galilee Promenade and visit the famous Jewish sages Maimonides and Rabbi Akiva.


Travel To Jerusalem & Sunset over the Old City
We will travel south to the heart of the Holy Land and our People. Here stands the remnants of the Eternal Capital of the Jewish People. The holiest city of Yerushalayim.  People come from all over the world to this city to walk along its ancient avenues and feel its strong spiritual atmosphere. Write down your greatest wish and place it in the cracks of the Wall, following the tradition of thousands of years and millions of Jews.


Overnight: Inbal Hotel Jerusalem

  Tuesday, May 2nd


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Morning Services at The Kotel (Western Wall)
We will prayer at the Holiest site in the world. The Gateway to Heaven, this is the epicenter of the Jewish People's prayers for thousands of years. We will pray with fervor and then we will write a note and place it in the cracks of the Wall, following the tradition of thousands of years and millions of Jews.

 overlooking the kotel.jpg

Morning Learning Overlooking The Kotel
Lecturer: R' Adin Steinsaltz - World Renown Scholar and Lecturer

Subject: King David - Shepherd, Warrior, King, Servant, Poet  

 city of david excavations.jpg

VIP Tour of City of David Excavations
Explore the incredible, active excavations of the original City of Jerusalem. Including King David's palace, his fortress, the two level highway up to the Temple Mount. An exclusive opportunity to meet the pioneer discoverer of this entire history-making archaeological dig and hear his incredible story.


Western Wall Tunnels
These famous underground tunnels contain remnants of entire rooms from the Second Temple period. At Warren’s Gate, you’ll stand just a few feet away from where the Holy Ark stood, and feel the yearning of the Jewish people for the Temple for thousands of years


Old City Jewish Quarter
The Jewish Quarter remains one of the single most-visited spots in all of Israel. Nestled within one square kilometer of land lay millennia of ancient history. The Old City dates back to the 8th century BCE and is home to numerous landmarks of historical significance.


Overnight: Inbal Hotel Jerusalem

  Wednesday, May 3rd



Morning at Masada
We will take a cable car to the top of this ancient mountaintop Herodian palace fortress that was the site of the famous dramatic standoff between a small band of Jewish zealots and the Roman besiegers.

 ein gedi.jpg

Noon at Ein Gedi
Enjoy the hike and the waterfalls of one of Israel's most famous nature reserves. Home of many unique creatures, also fabled to be the site where King David hid from the soldiers of King Saul


Evening at the Dead Sea
Experience the incredible nature of floating on the Yam HaMelach "the Salt Sea" at the lowest place on Earth


Overnight: Inbal Hotel Jerusalem

  Thursday, May 4th


 mayanot pic.jpg

Morning Services & Learning at Mayanot
Lecturer: R' Moss - Educational Director at Mayanot

Subject: What It Takes To Lead Israel


VIP Visit To Prime Minister's Office
Facilitated by our illustrious community member, the Israeli Ambassador to the US, HE Ron Dermer. We will have an exclusive visit to the office of Israeli Primie Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.

 shuk MY.JPG

Jerusalem “Shuk” – Machne Yehuda Market
With more than 250 vendors, this bustling outdoor marketplace Is considered the heartbeat of central Jerusalem. Whatever you are looking for, the shuk has it: clothing, Judaica, fresh produce, meats, diamonds, restaurants – and an array of colorful characters throughout.


Overnight: Inbal Hotel Jerusalem

  Friday, May 5th


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Morning Services & Learning at Mayanot
Lecturer: Mrs. Levinger - Women's Studies at Mayanot

Subject: Rachel Imainu - Our Matriarch Rachel

 rachel's tomb.jpg

Kever Rachel - Rachel’s Tomb
The matriarch Rachel is a symbol of hope and prayer for the Jewish people, as she was childless for many years but ultimately become the mother of the Jewish people. Tradition has it that Rachel cried for the Jewish people as they passed her tomb on their way to exile.

 Maarat-HaMachpela--Tomb- 2.jpg

Friday Night in Chevron (Hebron)
The second-holiest site in all of Israel, Hebron. We will greet Shabbat in a tremendously uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat Service at the Ma’arat Hamanchpela - Resting Place of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, the biblical forefathers. 

 hebron shabbat with IDF.jpg

Inspiring Rooftop Shabbat Dinner with IDF Soldiers
A friday night dinner on the rooftop of the home of R' Danny and Batsheva Cohen, Chabad emissaries to the city of Chevron. We will be joining their regular retinue of guest around 25 Israeli soldiers stationed in Chevron.

Shabbat, May 6th


 ma'arat hamechpelah.jpeg

Shabbat Morning at Ma'arat Hamechpelah
Learning and praying at the this gateway of prayer followed by Shabbat Lunch at the Eshel Hotel in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. Greetings by Rabbi Moshe Levinger brave pioneer of the new settlement of Chevron.

 hebron walking tour.jpg

Chevron Walking Tour
Escorted by Rabbi Danny Cohen himself, we will visit both the ancient and modern sites that make up Chevron's long and dramatic history. Including: the Avraham Avinu Synagogue, Beit Hadassah, Beit Romano, The museum of the 1929 Massacre, and more.


Farewell Banquet Dinner
We will celebrate our last night in Israel with a banquet dinner. Speeches and a video will help us relive all that we have experienced over the course of these incredible 10 days. 

Sunday, May 7th


 beit chaya mushka pix.jpg

Morning Services & Learning at Beit Chaya Mushka
Lecturer: Mrs. Batsheva Cohen - Chabad Rebbetzin to Chevron

Subject: My Inspirational Journey


Brunch at IDF Base
Meet and talk with Israeli soldiers currently protecting our Holy Land 

 departures ben gurion.jpg

Shalom Lehitra'ot!
Escort to airport. Bye for now... we will miss you!