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Robert Berman

Founder & Director of HODS
Robert Berman is a graduate of Harvard University (MPA), Baruch College (MBA), Yeshiva University (BA), Gruss Kollel and Yeshivat Hakotel. He has been published in New York Magazine, the Jerusalem Post, Jewish Week, Moment Magazine, Ha’aretz, Times of Israel, and the Jerusalem Report. He is the founder and director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society.
HODS - Halachic Organ Donor Society

MISSION: To save lives by increasing organ donations from Jews to the general population (Jews and non-Jews alike).

* To educate Jews about the different halachic and medical issues concerning organ donation.
*To offer a unique organ donor card that enables Jews to donate organs according to their halachic belief.
* To provide rabbinic consultation and oversight for cases of organ transplantation.

Friday Night, March 31 - Shabbat, April 1st 
Chabad Center of Bethesda

$40 Adult | $15 Child

Friday Night, March 31 6:30pm:
Join us for inspiring Kabbalat Shabbat services followed by a catered Shabbat Dinner and lecture on the topic:
Organ Donation in Halacha and what is going on in Israel

Shabbat Day, April 1 10:00am
Shabbat Morning Services followed by a sit-down Kiddush and an interactive discussion:
Selling Organs Is Illegal - But Is It Immoral?